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2012 NABE Pinnacle Book Award Winners

Each year the North American Bookdealers Exchange (NABE) honors some of the finest work published by its members. This year, Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Agency has an impressive seven authors selected as Winter 2012 winners. The SBPRA authors include Nick K. Adams, Gary Caplan, Imelda Cumins-DeMelkon, Stephen Lamoreaux, Kirk Marty, Barbara Prignano and Kenneth Rogers, Jr.. The authors and their work will be featured in the next issue of Book Dealers World, as well as at upcoming book trade show exhibits.

Nick K. Adams won best book in the Juvenile Fiction category for The Uncivil War. This novel brings history to life for two fourth grade rivals who discover that they both had a great-great-great-grandfather present at the Civil War Battle of Chickamauga – but on opposite sides. As the class delves into the past, these two will learn not only about the Civil War, but how to end their own Uncivil War.

Imelda Cumins-DeMelkon was a winner in the Memoir category for The Modern Voice of an Irish Immigrant. What motivates a woman to leave her native land behind and settle in another country? Imelda Cummins-DeMelkon writes a fascinating account of her experiences growing up in Ireland as one of 12 children, and the struggles and challenges that led her to immigrate to the United States.

Stephen Lamoreaux won best book in the Children’s Environmental category for his charming The Little Wave – An Adventure in Earthly Care. This powerful story teaches young and old that abusing our planet does not come without consequences, but even the smallest changes can make a positive difference.

Kirk Marty was a winner for his Sports novel, The Longest Walk. This clever fantasy realizes every baseball fan’s dream: seeing the greatest players of all time play together. A boozy minor league hitting coach bargains to trade his life for that of a terminally ill seven-year-old. But first, the alcoholic coach must win the big game, managing a team of the greatest “dead” Hall of Famers against a powerful squad that’s playing for Death Personified. The Longest Walk is “Damn Yankees,” “Field of Dreams,” and “Rocky” combined!

Barbara Prignano’s Anthony and the Magic Bumblebee won in the Children’s Adventure category. In this delightful book, a little boy named Anthony discovers a bumblebee sprinkling magic dust. Just what is this magic dust? Anthony and the Magic Bumblebee provides a wonderful teaching opportunity to learn all about pollination.

Kenneth Rogers, Jr.’s book Sequence won in the Science Fiction category. This amazing novel deals with a couple trapped inside the Pandora Complex, a phenomena which causes thoughts to travel from one memory to the next next as they are downloaded into the Pandora system. The Sequence questions our reality, while taking the reader on a remarkable journey into the mind.

Gary Caplan, an author represented by SBPRA at Book Expos worldwide, won in the Fantasy category for his The Return of the Ancient Ones.

Strategic Book and Publishing Rights Agency congratulates all of its authors for a job well done. For more on the Pinnacle Achievement Awards, go to:


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