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June 2015 Top Twenty Sellers!

Congratulations to our Top Twenty Sellers for the month of June! Visit their author sites and Amazon pages and find out why they are our star authors:

Dealing with Difficult Situations, by Wayne Brown
Pipeline to Plenty, by Paul Clifton
Lightning Man #5, by Noah Bunyan
B.E.T. Big in God , by Monica Aidoo
Love Circles, by Charles Lee Robinson
Birth of a White Nation, by Jacqueline Battalora
The Road Ahead . . ., by Philip Tarnoff
A Muted Imam, by Khalid A. Wasi
Guinea Pigs, by Dr. John Hall
Brain Attack, by Carol E. Yorke
Believe: Beyond the Veil , by Allyson Giles
A Haunting at Land’s End, by Barbara E. Pleasant
Bunker Laboratory, by Samson Onoja Itodo
Stormy Hill, by Nancy Clarke
Behind NPFL and RUF Rebel Lines, by Terrence Sesay
Fast Food Kills, by Kate McLaughlin
Halfway Around the World, by Jo Murphy
A Better You Today for Tomorrow, by Maizie Vassell
Apres les Vendanges, by Colin Story
The Terminal, by Jeremy Gosnell

December Top 20 Best Sellers

Congratulations to our best-sellers during the month of December!

September’s Top 20 Best Sellers

Congratulations to our best-sellers during the month of September!