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SBPRA’s Author of the Month for August 2015: Charles Lee Robinson Jr., Author of “Love Circles”

Love-Circles-PosterAbout the Book

Love Circles is a riveting account of sexual revenge and betrayal played out over twenty-five years in the lives of three men, friends who have managed to stay friends, and are now happily married.

They meet at a newly built jazz club to reminisce on all the bad relationships they have had over the years, times when they were living in a vicious love circle of life.

Yet they still remained loyal to each other, despite all the other friends who betrayed them over the decades.

The three have triumphed over all obstacles by learning that God is the only one who really gets revenge. The story follows Lenny, Richard, and Nathan as they learn things the hard way when their lives were put in danger. Will they prevail?

About the Author

Charles Lee Robinson Jr. grew up in Rochester, New York, and currently lives in Clearwater, Florida. This is his first published book. His next is titled Dezirable.

Find out more about Charles by visiting his Author Website.

Love Circles is available for purchase on Amazon: Click HERE.

Racial Justice Book Group: Birth of a White Nation by Jacqueline Battalora – Author Speaks!

Racial Justice Book Group: Birth of a White Nation by Jacqueline Battalora

On Tuesday, July 28, 7-9 p.m., join a discussion of chapters 3 and 4 of Birth of a White Nation: The Invention of White People and Its Relevance Today, a fascinating new book on race in America that begins with an exploration of the moment in time when “white people,” as a separate and distinct group of humanity, were invented through legislation and the enactment of laws. The book provides a thorough examination of the underlying reasons as well as the ways in which “white people” were created. It also explains how the creation of this distinction divided laborers and ultimately served the interests of the elite. The book goes on to examine how foundational law and policy in the U.S. were used to institutionalize the practice of “white people” holding positions of power. Finally, the book demonstrates how the

Jacqueline Battalora

social construction and legal enactment of “white people” has ultimately compromised the humanity of those so labeled. The evening will also include activities from the book White Awareness: Handbook for Anti-Racism Training. Free and open to the public.

Location: Northside Presbyterian/St. Aidan’s Episcopal Lounge, 1679 Broadway, Ann Arbor, 48105.


Author of the month June 2015: John Hall

Guinea Pigs: Technologies of Control by John Hall

About the Book

For years the federal government has sought to remotely control human behavior. Starting with the CIA projects MKULTRA and MKSEARCH in the 1950s, the American public has been unwitting guinea pigs in a multitude of non-consensually performed experiments that have continued into the 21st century.

Guinea Pigs takes readers on a journey into the darkest corners of U.S. non-consensual experimentation and the various technologies of control that have led to our current surveillance state. The recent revelations regarding the extent of NSA eavesdropping is only the tip of the iceberg. We are currently in an information war and a mind war, where our privacy and autonomy as human beings are at stake.

Guinea Pigs is John Hall’s 2nd book.  He is also the author of A New Breed-Satellite Terrorism, a true story about satellite surveillance.

About the Author

Born in San Antonio, Texas, home of the Alamo, John Hall is a physician who
considers writing his second profession. “Knowing the United States government’s dismal track record with regard to experimenting on the public without informed consent, the sheer number of people voicing identical complaints of electronic harassment, and surveillance had to be explored logically.”

You can learn more about John and his book, Guinea Pigs, by visiting his author website.


May Top Sellers

Congratulations to our best-sellers during the month of May!

“Dealing with Difficult Situations” Wayne Brown
“A Bug and a Wish” Karen Scheuer
“Pipeline to Plenty” Paul Clifton
“Animal Bridge” Wende Gripentrog
“The Road Ahead” Phillip J. Tarnoff
“Guinea Pigs” Dr. John Hall
“Lightning Man #5″ Noah F. Bunyan
“Birth of a White Nation” Jacqueline Battalora
“Believe: Beyond the Veil” Allyson Giles
“B.E.T: Big In God” Monica Aidoo
“Tree Wise” Antoinette Abbamonte
“Fountain Valley 1972″ Michael Antonio Joseph
“Mr. Circle Man” Cynthia Grenyion
“Wine’s Nutritional Power” AJ Morris
“Practical Perspectives on Youth” Odianose Dominic Matthew
“Halfway Around the World” Jo T N Murphy
“A Web Story” James Clark
“Cats I Have Loved” Sara Munson Deats
“Adam, The American” Thomas E. Berry
“Maya” Taran Hans

April Author News

  • Nick Mann, author of “Forgetful,” was recognized as the African American Fiction winner of the 2015 Beverly Hills Book Awards.
  • Sherrill S. Cannon‘s “My Fingerpaint Masterpiece” was a finalist in the 2014 Reader Views Award for the Children’s Category for Early Readers.
  • Karen Scheuer was interviewed in a local teacher’s magazine that is distributed to all Pennsylvania teachers in a feature titled “Bugged by Bullying, Teacher Writes Book.”
  • William M. Cooper was interviewed by Paul Dorset on the blog, Utterances of an Overcrowded Mind. Read the interview here.
  • “The Who’s Next Club: A Cosmetic Surgery Disaster” by Donald W. Ayer got special attention during a feature on ABC Action News. The author’s daughter’s story, described in his book, has inspired a new law to have cameras in operating rooms. Watch the segment here.
  • Marie Volpe celebrated her children’s book, “Boobilena’s Birthday Party at Busy Beach,” with her co-workers and threw an office party.
  • Two of our authors met with our CEO Robert Fletcher during the London Book Fair.
    Author Derek T. Morgan and his wife with CEO Robert Fletcher

    Author Derek T. Morgan and his wife with CEO Robert Fletcher

    Author John Berry with CEO Robert Fletcher

    Author John Berry with CEO Robert Fletcher


January Best Sellers

Congratulations to our best-sellers during the month of January!

December Top 20 Best Sellers

Congratulations to our best-sellers during the month of December!

November’s Top 20 Best Sellers

Congratulations to our best-sellers during the month of November!