May Author News

  • Patricia Kristensen’s novel, “Jennifer Shot – Shot Through The Heart,” has been awarded a bronze medal in the category of Outstanding Book for the Region of Australia and New Zealand at the IPPYS.
  • Pat Kozyra was featured in the prestigious STEM magazine (pages 42-50). Her article is about the formal method of Creative Problem Solving, which she learned at Buffalo State University. Read it here. She was also one of six invited panelists for the radio show called Backchat on RTHK 3, Tuesday, May 19, 2015 discussing the controversial topic of Tutoring and Summer School Classes for Children in Hong Kong. Click here to listen to this program.
  • Kenneth Rogers Jr. participated in the Gaithersburg Book Festival on May 16th.
  • Nancy Shiffrin, RD Armstrong and Don Campbell read their poetry and discussed literary community at The Los Angeles Public Library Palms Rancho Park Branch–Palms location on Saturday May 23.
  • Gary Caplan’s, “Clues of Chaos,” was announced as an award-winning finalist in the Fiction: Cross Genre category in the 2015 International Book Awards.
  • Noah F. Bunyan was awarded a Pinnacle Achievement Award in the Juvenile Fiction category.
  • Edward Michael Tomasofsky won a Pinnacle Achievement Award for best poetry book for Fall 2014 for his book, “A Soul Whispers: Pictures and Poems From a Traveler.”
  • CEO Robert Fletcher accepted two Indie awards for Sherrill S. Cannon. These were awards for the Next Generation Indie Book Awards. “My Fingerpaint Masterpiece” was a Finalist in 2 categories!