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Custodian Author

Custodian Author – Orchard Hill Elementary School Head custodian Paul Harvey published a book, thanks to the help and support of teacher Kathy Grover. While Paul has the creativity and imagination to write a book, he has dyslexia and he became Kathy’s oldest student. She mentored, illustrated and edited “The Adventures of Shamus the Leprechaun: Shamus Goes to School.”

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SBPRA Author Featured in Scotland’s Largest Paper

Check out Scotland’s largest paper, The Press and Journal, on August 16th and you’ll see SBPRA author Liz Cochrane’s book, “The Dark Pool” as their featured Book of the Week!

978-1-62857-234-6-LCochraneCover“The Dark Pool: Black Gold, High Finance, and Love in the Scottish Highlands” is a suspense novel set in the Scottish Highlands.

Visit the author’s official website and read the press release here.

Author Shares Parenting Tips on a Popular “Mom Blog”

Pat Kozyra, author of “Tips and Tidbits for Parents and Teachers” has been featured on one of978-1-62516-981-5-PKozyraCover the top go-to guides for moderns mom, Sassy Mama HK.  She is sharing her top parenting tips in a special post on the site.

Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s easy to be a parent. Thankfully, there is no written test we must pass before having children! After raising my two daughters (now mothers themselves), I readily admit I was not the perfect parent and I’m still hearing from them about things they didn’t like or enjoy about my parenting. The reality is, not only is your child constantly learning, but you’re learning parenting skills as well and no one is expecting you to get everything right the first time! Here’s my checklist of 12 parenting tips which will hopefully make that daunting task of parenting a little bit easier.  Read more

Rabbi Sheldon Wayne Moss Featured in Jewish News for his book, Do You Want to Drive, Or Do You Want to Bitch?”

978-1-62857-537-8-RMossCoverOur author, Rabbi Sheldon Wayne Moss, has been featured in Jewish News for his book “Do You Want to Drive, Or Do You Want to Bitch?” The book was inspired by a car ride with his wife. It talks about using humor to strengthen the bond between couples.

Congratulations, Rabbi Moss. This is wonderful exposure!



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Stephanie Bulgarino-Weier Received Recognition in the Santa Clarita Valley Signal for her book, “Business Ninjas: An Entrepreneur’s Tale from Riches to Rags to Sanity”

978-1-60911-281-3-SWeierCoverStephanie Bulgarino-Weier was featured in the Santa Clarita Valley Signal. Her story of rags to riches tells about the reality of losing it all and working hard to build it back. She is truly someone to admire and we are proud to have her as one of our authors.


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Strategic & Eloquent Books Congratulates Its Authors Who Have Reached a Significant Milestone!

Congratulations to all of our authors who have sold more than 1,000 copies of their books!  This is a significant milestone for any author and we are proud of their accomplishment! The Success Stories section of this site highlights the authors and their book(s) which have reached this sales level.  This information is updated periodically, so please check back often to see which authors have joined their peers in achieving this distinction.

Classroom Times by Dr. Donald R. Stoltz Named Best Children’s Book at 2012 World Book Awards

The World Book Awards Selection Committee has announced that Classroom Times: Charactoon and Rhymes by Dr. Donald R. Stoltz has won top honors at the 2012 World Book Awards. Classroom Times has been named Best Children’s Book in this year’s competition.

What do you get when you cross a character with a cartoon? You get the fun and beautifully illustrated new children’s book Classroom Times: Charactoons and Rhymes.

The book features 120 clever verses about everyday objects that are found everywhere you look, each illustrated by a unique, colorful “charactoon” – a cross between a character and a cartoon. These charming characters are brought to life by Dr. Don, a retired physician, who has written many children’s books as well as books on American illustrators such as Norman Rockwell. This entertaining book for all ages will educate, amuse and surprise with its stunning content.

Congratulations to Dr. Donald R. Stoltz on this wonderful award.


AUTHOR NEWS… Emslie, Ayer, Ingram and Steiner

Pixie Emslie’s book Cry of the Rocks has been optioned to become a feature film. Well-known South African director/ producer Gray Hofmeyr, the force behind a number of films and television shows, has procured the rights. Cry of the Rocks is a thriller about the world of deep rock mining, set in post-apartheid South Africa. The story involves murder, international conspiracy and trapped miners awaiting rescue and encompasses the loves and lives of the people working the fictional mine, as well as the politics of mining.

The American Society of Anesthesiologists featured Donald W. Ayer’s book The Who’s Next Club – A Cosmetic Surgery Disaster at their annual meeting in Washington DC.. Ayer’s book recounts the death of his daughter after what should have been a routine cosmetic procedure. Ayer has written the book in the hopes of changing legislation, and preventing further tragic deaths. It is a riveting accounting of every parent’s worst nightmare.

Doreen Ingram has been interviewed on TV2’s Morning show with Bruce Clark. The broadcast can be seen in the Las Vegas area as well as online ( - go to produced shows, 10/10 Wed.) Doreen talked about her new book My Sanctuary: A Place I Call Home – The Mission. This sequel to My Sanctuary: A Place I Call Home continues the story of Joao, a chimpanzee taken from his family and sold to a circus, where he sat in a small cage at a zoo for more than 50 years before rescued and taken to the sanctuary, Camp Eden. Jane Goodall says this book “…captures the desperate need of orphaned chimpanzees and how they find love and a new life at Chimp Eden. The perfect gift for every child. I love this book. – Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE, Founder the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace

Aaron Steiner was interviewed about his book Myth: The Origin of Man on FM KYRS; have a listen at Myth presents a new angle on Creation; this clever novel tells the “how and why” of human ancestry as it reflects the dynamics between the first humans and the reptilian race from the star system Sirius B who created them … the Anunaki. The well-researched tale of how mankind could have come into being makes for an exhilarating read. Did we come from apes, space visitors … or both?