Unbiased and Professional Critique of Your Book

Would you like to get an unbiased opinion on your book from an expert editor? We will tell you what you are doing well and what needs improvement. The critique is designed to help you improve your work and will provide valuable feedback. As honesty is crucial to the critique (after all, that’s what you’re paying for), we also strive to be as sensitive as possible when relaying our thoughts. We understand how much time and effort has been put into what you’re sharing with us and we respect that and your feelings. As the critical areas of a story are the beginning, as that is what catches and holds the reader, the middle, which is where the meat of the story is unfolding, and then the ending where all the loose ends are tied up, these will be the areas of focus. When these three areas of writing are strong and tight, the rest of the book will have a natural flow. Our reviewers are all professionals with degrees in English Literature, and thus have a good understanding of the mechanics of writing as well as the craft of story telling.

Adult Novels

Price is $199 and you will receive the critique within approximately two weeks of your order.
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Children's Books

We will read and critique the whole book and offer suggestions. The price is $79.
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