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About Our Results

Our international consortium of publishing companies utilize an extensive network of connections, an aggressive and dedicated marketing team, and a vast base of experience which are all focused on one thing: your success! Summed up in just a few letters: SBPRA = RESULTS!
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Endless success. Endless praise.

We have published thousands of authors, and many of them have a story to tell. We receive hundreds of letters of praise and gratitude for helping authors reach their dream. And that’s something we feel good about! Our pursuit of excellent service and unparalleled effectiveness is so good in fact, that many of our authors seek us out again and again, to publish multiple books.

We're in it together!

Halfsies. 50/50. Any way you slice it, it means that you earn 50% in royalties.

We've Got a Big Mouth!

Not only will we host a webpage made up just for your book, we’ll shout it from the rooftops when you’re book is released. A professional press release as well as a shout out on Facebook and Twitter will tell the world about your book and get the ball rolling for sales.

Support. Experience. Results.

Since 2007, we have published 5500 books so it’s safe to say, you’re in good hands. We want to take the guesswork out of self-publishing by doing everything for you. We have an incredibly talented team of cover designers who work with our authors to create the perfect cover. Our layout group adds the special touches that are found in best-selling books and give a professional feel. Finally, the reach your book will have because we partner with Ingram will thrill you when you see retail websites all over the world selling your book! This, and so much more, is why you should trust us to produce your book and save yourself the stress of trying to do it on your own.

You're the boss.

You retain the rights to your book and maintain full control of the content at all times.
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